How it works.

When you book in to do a session with me, we will select a location and a time that will best suit you.

We separate the session fee to the image packages, so it gives you the piece of mind that you’re not locked into any particular package. We want you to see your images and make sure you’re in love with them all. You don’t need to make your decision until you see the photos.

A session fee of $100 is payable upon booking

in to secure your date, this includes:

Session prep guide and pre planning

1 hour in your Photography Session

Outdoor or In studio Location options 

Use of kids client closet and all props during the session

Once you have paid your session fee you are officially booked in! My sessions take place around the hours before and after sunset so to achieve the absolute best lighting for your portraits. I will be in touch before our shoot to discuss what to bring along and the outfit styles that will best suit our chosen location. This is a great time for you to share with me any questions you might have.

From there we will do our shoot and I will send you your online gallery to view with your family from the comfort of home. Once you select and pay for your package the magic happens! I will work on your gallery and send them to you completely perfected!

If you have a particular timeframe you need images completed by please let us know prior to booking in.

We look forward to planning the perfect photoshoot for you soon.


6 Digital Fine Art Portraits
Professional Retouching
Black & White Copies
Online Gallery



8 Digital Fine Art Portraits
Professional Retouching
Black & White Copies
$50 Print Credit



12 Digital Fine Art Portraits
Professional Retouching
Black & White Copies
$100 Print Credit


or Ready to Begin?


How long will my photos take to be ready?

Given the nature of the hand editing I perform on each individual image, my images can take between 2 to 3 weeks to refine all digital photos.
Printing times vary depending on order.

What do I wear?

When dressing your family for portraits there are a few things to take into account. Where the shoot is taking place, what colours are surrounding you etc.
I always suggest picking a colour palette with similar tones and shades but not too matchy!
Avoid wearing loud patterns and colours that clash. I always say that shirts with brand labels or pictures a no no too, as they distract from your faces. Overall being comfortable is the main thing, you want to feel free and happy during your session.

Is my session fee included?

The session fee covers the time and costs involved in the session itself, this also secures your date. Image packages are then additional to that.

What if it rains?

Sometimes the weather may turn and we may need to reschedule our shoot. An overcast day is fine but storms aren't ideal. I will get in touch if this happens and we can reschedule the shoot for the next available time that suits you.

Can we shoot in the middle of the day?

The bright light of the midday sun creates harsh shadows in your photography. When photographing a person, you will likely encounter harsh shadows on their faces. To achieve the absolute best from your session I only offer sunset or sunrise sessions, so that you have the absolute best lighting for your portraits.

Do you offer Payment plans?

I am happy to arrange a payment plan for anyone that needs extra time. All products and digital images will be delivered when the balance is paid in full.